• When was the last time you truly felt like yourself?
  • Are you feeling trapped, stuck, or stagnant?
  • Have you been experiencing physical pain, fatigue, and/or sickness?
  • Do you feel like chronic stress is running your life?

It’s time to go after the balance that you so desperately crave. To align with a life that matches your worth. To upgrade your perspective and grow to feel calm, confident, and fulfilled

Right now, you feel like you’re desperately trying to hold it together. Life has been mundane, chaotic, messy – anything and everything other than exactly what you’ve needed it to be. You’re consumed by anxious thoughts and intense emotions – anger, resentment, sadness, and confusion building inside of you. In an effort to control them you unintentionally begin ignoring your other needs until they feel absolutely impossible to reach. 

You can’t live this way anymore, something has to change – and you’re ready. You’re ready to step into a life that feels self-secure, empowered, and intuitiveYou’re ready to share your story, hold space for discomfort, and open yourself to self-exploration. To achieve the long-lasting change that you need in your life.

Healing Holistic promotes and provides comprehensive counseling services based on the diverse, unique needs of each client. You can expect to receive competent, effective mental health counseling to promote self-exploration, self-growth, and self-healing. Call today to complete a complimentary phone consultation, or click the button below to schedule a 1-on-1 Initial Intake Appointment.

Hey there, I’m Jess. I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and aspiring Yoga Therapist, a self-proclaimed healer and space-holder, and a true believer in the power of human connection. I support and empower individuals as they grow through healing.

In our time together I will shine light on your unique strengths, remind you of your worth, and empower you to sit with discomfort through healing. 

Life is complex, complicated, and sometimes overwhelming. Oftentimes we get into the unhelpful habit of putting our needs on the back-burner so that we can focus on the fast-paced present. Counseling is an opportunity to expand your mind, self-reflect, practice gratitude, heal, slow down, rest, and recharge. It’s an opportunity to end harmful cycles, habits, beliefs, and behaviors. 

I created Healing Holistic as a sanctuary for healing humans to feel heard and supported, judgment-free. I’m all about being transparent and genuine, and I will accept you just as you are.

It serves as a safe-space for all!

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