Healing Holistic is dedicated to providing the best quality counseling care possible amid this ever-changing and uncertain time. COVID-19, also known as Corona, Coronavirus, etc. has had, and continues to have, such a profound global impact. The health and well-being of both counselor and client are of top priority, and for that reason Healing Holistic is implementing additional precautionary measures to ensure continued safety. 

ONLINE SERVICES: Healing Holistic is equipped to offer online services through a HIPAA compliant platform that will allow clients to have a virtual visit via their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.  

IN-PERSON SERVICES: In an effort to maintain proper social distancing and decrease congestion/ crowding in The Healing House waiting room, clients are welcome to text their counselor upon arrival while waiting in their vehicle if they would like. In this case, clients will then receive a respond text when their counselor is available for their appointment. This is not required, but strongly recommended during especially busy times (9am – 12pm). Otherwise, it is asked that clients please just be vigilant of their space and the space of others while seated in the waiting room. 

Upon entering The Healing House, it is no longer a requirement that clients wear a face covering/ mask in utilizing common spaces such as the waiting area, hallway, and restroom. Should clients decide to wear a face covering anyway, please note that they are only effective when worn properly, as shown below.

Additionally, there is hand sanitizer located in the waiting room. It is required that clients use this, or wash their hands prior to meeting with their counselor. This aids in the prevention of spreading bacteria, germs, virus, etc. to surfaces within the office. Both The Healing House and Healing Holistic are cleaned weekly, and sanitized daily using hospital-grade cleaning/ sanitizing solutions.

These precautionary measures are required for all clients, vaccinated and unvaccinated. 

With that being said, clients are encouraged to continue to make themselves at home and utilize office amenities! They are provided for client’s convenience, and will continue to be provided for the foreseeable future!

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